Friday, November 5, 2010

The boys of fall


It's funny, coming back on the field of a high school football game. The rivalry of the teams, the cheer leaders exercising their spirit fingers, the team moms with little ones running around, and the ASB taking their jobs too seriously. Only half the people in the stands are paying attention to the game. The rest is there as a social event because in high school, on a Friday night, that's where everyone is.

The band is playing the second verse of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing." The weather isn't cold enough to see your breath although the bleachers are cold where people aren't sitting. The energy is high. Then all of a sudden, the quarterback of the opposing team throws just a little off balance and our star safety jumps a little too high and catches INTERCEPTION! The crowd goes wild! Everyone's eyes are on the game now... Home team wins! This is what high school is all about. Monday, he'll rule the halls.


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