Sunday, November 21, 2010

Function wins out

Rio San Gabriel Park Dog Park

The Rio San Gabriel Dog Park opened a couple of weeks ago, while I was away on vacation.  This week marked my first opportunity to try it out, and to see the improvements the city has made since we first reported our concerns about the nearly completed dog park in September (see Form without function).

I was impressed! The double gates put my mind at ease about entrances and exits. There's water for dogs and humans alike. The city provides bags for cleanup and well-placed benches for relaxing.

The only thing wrong was the lack of dogs! The first time, I took Ivan on Wednesday morning around 10 a.m. No one else was there. After about five minutes, Ivan looked at me expectantly. "What now?"

So, thank you everyone who supported us in encouraging the city to make the final necessary changes. There's just one more task left for you — tell everyone you know that the Downey dog park is now open for business!

Rio San Gabriel Park Dog ParkRio San Gabriel Park Dog Park

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