Friday, May 6, 2011

Night life


It's 10:30 at night. I didn't go out to take pictures today, so I'm looking through my last few weeks of shots. Nothing! I get my camera and keys, and drive out to find some night life in Downey.

The streets are surprisingly busy, lots of cars. But the stores are all closed, many of them still well-lit and looking deserted. A few restaurants are open, but are quiet.

Blockbuster is empty—the movies are all rented by now. There are just a few small clusters of kids hanging out outside the Krikorian Theater, a few more stragglers outside of the closed Porto's Bakery.

The Downey High football stadium is lit, but there's no one there. Empty Porta-Potties line Brookshire Avenue in preparation for tomorrow's Street Fair.

The Downey Theater is shuttered—apparently no performances are scheduled tonight. I see a couple of Stonewood Mall employees walking across the empty parking lot.

The only place that is bustling is the local In-N-Out fast food restaurant.

I wonder what that says about Downey?

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  1. At 10:30? Downey goes to sleep early? I LOVE having an in & out here! It was dinner last night =D


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