Saturday, November 22, 2014

Proof of life

IMG_1849 as Smart Object-1

I know it doesn't look like much. But seeing these shoots pushing their way out of the ground made my day. Planting bulbs is so dissatisfying. You don't have anything to show for it. You have to be patient. It seems to take forever before they show. But once they do, I have hope.

"You can find joy everywhere if you only look close enough."

Friday, November 21, 2014

Old boat

Boat outside Russell's

I'm not sure why this scene struck me as funny. Is it that a boat is parked outside a bike shop? Or is it the thought of this old boat being dismantled piece by piece, week by week, to fit it into this trash bin?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fall is here


There has been a discussion here lately about not being ready for the Christmas season. For me, I'm ready for winter weather. I love the rain, the clean crisp air, and the endless photo opportunities winter provides. I took this picture on top of my roof today after taking the picture below from my work's east parking lot. I love when a storm moves through.

Then when I got to the other side of the building, I saw the golden sunset. But I wanted to get high off the ground to get a better view without all the buildings. I rode home as fast as I could. When I got home, I called for my wife but she had gone for a walk to enjoy the sunset. I immediately got my ladder and climbed onto the roof. I was rewarded with an amazing burst of color. Thank you God.

Oh, I'm ready for winter.


"Peace is seeing the sunset and knowing who to thank."
~ Unknown Author

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Habit


The Habit Burger Grill opened in Downey today and was greeted by enthusiastic burger fans on its opening day. This is the fifth Habit in the Los Angeles area.


They started in Santa Barbara over 45 years ago.


From the beginning, they have had the slogan of "Respect the Burger." You can tell this still drives every decision in their business. The produce, the toppings, and the meat are all chosen and handled to "Respect the Burger."


On my way out, I saw this view of the patrons and structure of the interior and felt the same drive went into the design of their buildings.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Expect delays

IMG_1818 as Smart Object-1

These days Firestone Blvd. is a challenge. With all the road improvements, you either experience an extremely rough road, reduced lanes, redirected lanes, or entirely blocked lanes.

IMG_1822 as Smart Object-1Clearly, the improvement has been needed for quite some time. Firestone is a busy street. Did you know that this stretch of Firestone averages 40,000 vehicles every day?

According to the Downeybeat, this is a $4.2 million dollar improvement project and runs from Old River School Road to Brookshire Avenue. The groundbreaking was in March and the project was due to be completed October 2014.
IMG_1827 as Smart Object-1Norwalk has also gotten into the act. The Firestone bridge over the San Gabriel River is also in the process of being widened.

“I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.” 
~ Stephen Hawking

Monday, November 17, 2014

Still not ready

Christmas decorations in downtown DowneyChristmas decorations in downtown Downey

Yesterday, I complained about "shopping centers and city governments," but I only showed you the shopping center Christmas decorations. So today, I show you the recently decorated downtown Downey, provided (I'm assuming) by the city of Downey. Even the trees, with their fall colors, don't appear to be ready for Christmas decorations yet.

The decorations will be beautiful, I'm sure, especially all lit up at night. But if you don't mind, I'm going to wait until after Thanksgiving to enjoy them.

Christmas decorations in downtown Downey

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Not ready yet

Downey Landing Christmas decorations

We've had a late summer this year, with many summer-like days late into October. It's only been in the last couple of weeks that I've finally felt like fall has arrived. I've been enjoying the crisp mornings and the fall colors.

So, shopping centers and city governments, I'm not ready to move on yet! Please don't make me start thinking about Christmas, at least for a couple more weeks.

Thank you.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Our inheritance

20141112_115014 as Smart Object-1

I have shown this grove before. It is the grove of trees donated to Furman Park by the DAR. On this day, we were taking a walk to enjoy the crisp morning. The park was especially beautiful. The sun was brightly shining through a break in the clouds overhead. But, the darker clouds still loomed in the background, giving a magical feel to the day.

20141112_115133 as Smart Object-2We seem to spend more time walking through the park these days. It is a blessing to be able to enjoy the beauty this close to home.

“One may lack words to express the impact of beauty but no one who has felt it remains untouched. It is renewal, enlargement, intensification. The parks preserve it permanently in the inheritance of the American citizens.”
~ Bernard DeVoto