Monday, March 8, 2010

French country

Mimi's Cafe

The French country cottage design of Mimi's Cafe is very appealing, although it is a little at odds with the "1970's modern" style of the Downey Theatre directly behind it.


  1. it. Reminds me of Bed-n-Breakfast cottages I visited in England/Irland in '99. Could you display one of their menu's ??? Nic

  2. Which probably makes this even more charming! Love it.

    Welcome to the CDP community! Looks like you've been blogging for quite some time — your photos are gorgeous! Looking forward to learning about Downey through your eyes.

  3. Nic - Maybe I'll get a menu posted on Flickr.:-)

    Hilda - Thanks for the welcome. I checked out your Manila pictures, and now I'm looking forward to learning more about Manila.


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