Saturday, April 10, 2010

Woody the neighborhood watch cowboy


Woody the cowboy keeps watch 24/7 at Andy and Betty Wolfe's home on Ryerson. Andy hand-carved Woody's face and hands seven years ago after Betty mentioned that they needed someone to sit on the porch to keep an eye on the neighborhood. Betty painted and dressed him.

WoodyWoody is so life-like that some folks have commented on his rudeness when he doesn't return their greeting. On the other hand, Betty sometimes reads on the porch, and surprises passers-by when she actually moves and proves she's not fake too!

Meeting Andy and Betty (and Woody) was one of the side-benefits of doing Downey Daily Photos, after Betty wrote to tell us about Woody. Thanks, Betty, for a great suggestion!


  1. I've never seen Woody before.
    What's the other cross street?

  2. You'll just have to keep your eyes open. :-)
    I don't have permission from the owners to post the location.


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