Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Using the past for the future


"Think of all the possibilities for the future!" That was the theme of this tour of the "Rives Mansion." As soon as I stepped onto the grounds, however, I felt thrown back into time. Although there was new paint on the walls, the tiny details remained untouched. I can picture ladies in the drawing room and the servants running up and down the back stairs and lovers dancing in the ball room on the third floor.

DSC_0759The owners have taken precaution to assure the integrity of the home is still present while modernizing the necessary updates. Its not perfect yet; there are holes in places and creaks and a few people believe there to be ghosts... I, for one, did not see any.

The idea is to keep the mansion as a privately owned property and lease it out commercially to people with visions that would bring in business to Downtown Downey. Imagine a Bed and Breakfast? Or a Couple's getaway? Or a benefit where everyone is in ball gowns and tuxedos? Just as my head was swimming with ideas, the people surrounding me were throwing out theirs too. It was exciting, being a part of the transition between old and new, respecting the history of the house while planning for the future of the "Casa Blanca."

Updates to follow.

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