Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The last of the bands

Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band

The end of summer is getting closer. I know, because tonight was the last of the summer Concert in the Park series. Tonight's performance was by the Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band. The band is stationed on Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego (yes, the base that Tom Cruise immortalized in Top Gun).

The band led the crowd in the Star Spangled Banner, which is always more moving when played by a group of soldiers who are serving their country. This was followed by John Williams' theme from Star Wars, and much, much more.

Third Marine Aircraft Wing BandYou can read more about the band here.

Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band


  1. Great photos!

    FYI, Marines never want to be referred to as soldiers...they're Marines. (They would certainly excuse ignorance, but it is kind of an insult.) The term 'soldiers' is reserved for members of the Army, National Guard, etc.

    United States Marine isn't the only title we use; you can also call us Jarheads, Devil Dogs, The Few...the Proud, or Leathernecks. Those are all terms of endearment.

    A Marine may transfer into any other branch of military service when his commitment/enlistment in the Marine Corps is up; but all other service members must first pass through the Marine Corps boot camp before they can 'earn' the title of United States Marine. Believe me when I say that NOT everyone can become a Marine (even other military members)...there must be that 'something special' inside a person to try to make it through Marine Corps basic training.

    Semper fi, do or die...a Marine is a Marine for life.

    Harry Larsen, USMC (Vietnam '69-70)

    1. Thanks, Harry, for that very informative comment. I'll remember that the next time a Marine appears in one of my posts.


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