Saturday, October 20, 2012

Noche de Ninos

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You know it is going to be a great evening when you get to have dinner with Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, and Heidi Klum, along with some of your closest friends. Last night was an enchanted evening, set in a forest scene on the event deck at LA LIVE. It was Children's Hospital Los Angeles Gala "Noche de Ninos." The event was hosted by Tom Bergeron (of Dancing with the Stars and America's Funniest Home Videos fame). At one point, the room was having a hard time quieting down, so the ladies got up on stage to give Tom a hand!

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Our group was honored to be seated with Melanie, Antonio, and Heidi. At the table next to us was Melanie's great friend, Jamie Lee Curtis (who sits on the Board of Trustees for the hospital). Melanie was so friendly and gracious. She made a point of greeting everyone at our table, introducing herself and chatting with us for several minutes.

As the evening progressed, some of the conversations moved into politics. It was fun to watch the lively interaction between Berto and Antonio.

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IMG_0547 as Smart Object-1During the gala, CHLA presented the 2012 Courage to Care awards to The Walt Disney Company, Heidi Klum and Pau Gasol. (Pau is a professional basketball player for the Lakers)

The evening was magical, with great food and wine provided by Wolfgang Puck. We had a great time and can't wait until next year's event!


  1. Your pictures make me smile. Antonio Banderas is possibly the first Spanish actor who has succeeded in Hollywood. ¡Viva Antonio!

  2. Seriously, I smiled all night. Thanks for your comment and I agree... Viva Antonio!


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