Saturday, March 9, 2013

Road trip

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I'm off on another weekend road trip to northern California. The direct route is the 5 freeway (which runs through the city of Downey) and becomes the Golden State Freeway just east of downtown Los Angeles. Less than two hours away is the Tejon Pass—at almost 4,200 feet, it is the second highest point on the freeway (which stretches 1,381 miles through California, Oregon and Washington). As I reached the pass this morning, there was a light snow that melted as it hit the ground.  It was cold, so I didn't stop for long.

20130309_111419 as Smart Object-1_1 This picture was taken further north at the Coalinga canal area. You can see some of the cultivated fields in the distance. It's my favorite part of the long drive on the "Golden State." 

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