Saturday, January 11, 2014

Angeleno Heights

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Continuing on our adventure exploring the secret stairs of the Echo Park area, we walked to an area known as Angeleno Heights. Established in 1886, this is a small quarter in the Echo Park region known for its steep streets. As one of the oldest districts of Los Angeles, it is also known for its high concentration of Victorian era homes. Our walk led us to Carroll Avenue, where a high percentage of both Eastlake and Queen Anne style residences can be found.

IMG_2708 as Smart Object-1What a treat it was to find these homes. It was like stepping back in time. And we weren't the only ones. We ran across several other "tourists" admiring the picturesque neighborhood.

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In 1984, the City of Los Angeles recognized Angeleno (now spelled Angelino) Heights as a historic district. Under the preservation plan, the zoning prohibits unsympathetic remodeling of historic houses and requires new construction to resemble original architecture in scale, massing, and materials.

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