Thursday, September 25, 2014

Los Angeles County Fair #2


Yesterday I showed you a couple of scenes from the Los Angeles County fair that caught my interest but today I'll show you why I really went. First, I went to see the Photography exhibit. I got some great ideas and really enjoyed the experience.

Next, I went to see the bunnies. They are the most adorable animals (to look at). One of them would pick up straw in its mouth then go and bite the other bunnies on the backside. They would hop away and he would go bite another. Then one bunny had had enough and came and bit the first bunny. He hopped off and stopped biting the other bunnies.

On the human side, this is Dwight, in the white shirt, helping a fair attendee. His badge read "Vice President" so I was surprised that he was walking the hallways among the crowds looking for ways to help.

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