Friday, September 4, 2015

Made on exhibit

Made Rindu Exhibit

Made (pronounced Mah-dee) Rindu has been drawing all of his life. Some of his art sketchbooks were on display in tonight's opening night of the Made Stuff solo exhibit at Stay Gallery. "These sketchbooks contain hours and hours of my life," says the description next to the sketchbooks.

Made Rindu ExhibitMade, a Downey native, "was introduced to the style and art form of graffiti which allowed him to experiment with lettering, proportions, compositions, style, and color combinations. This introduction interested him so much that it is still prominent in his work today."

I enjoyed this exhibit, with its strong, colorful images. If you have time, see for yourself at the Stay Gallery. The exhibit will be there through September 26.

Made Rindu exhibit

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