Thursday, January 14, 2016

Humans of Downey - Louis


"I like playing soccer because we get to run around the field and we get to have lots of team work during the entire match. I also enjoy the competition of like-minded players.

"I had to try really hard to get on this team, the Downey High School team. Every day, before school and after school, I would come out to do training with the team to show the coaches that I was dedicated and wanted to be part of the team. It paid off because now I'm part of the team. I play left defender, which means I stay on my goal's side of the field to defend against attackers of the other team. I like being a defender because of the importance of that position. If there were no defenders then the goalie would have no one to help him out when the attackers came. It is a team sport.

"I would like to make it into a college level team of even higher. It will take a lot more dedication, hard work, putting in more effort to being more of a team player. Then I will need to show the coaches how much I want to be on their team. I need to show them that I want it more than other players. I don't think I have the physical abilities to play on that level now, but that is why I'm on this team, to build myself into that level of player. My coaches are helping me and training me to become better as a player."
~ Louis

This interview took place after the first league match between Downey HIgh School and Lynwood High School where Downey won 2-0.

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