Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Humans of Downey - Dan


"You may not believe this, but the first person that comes to mind as to being a hero in my life is my wife. In my earlier, pre-married life, I had a drinking problem. She is the one that helped me turn that around.

"Before we got married, I was a roofer and after work the crew would go grab a few drinks. It became a habit that after a while took over. When I got married and I continued my drinking habit, she said, 'Hey, you need to make up your mind because this isn't making any sense.' Then one day I woke up and now I don't do it anymore. I owe it all to her when she confronted me with, 'Get your act together or this is it.' If it wasn't for her we wouldn't have been married now for 53 years."
~ Dan

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