Thursday, June 29, 2017

Humans of Downey (Montreal) - Simon #1


I have always lived in Quebec. I believe that having grown up in Quebec all my life has made me more open-minded, more progressive. We are interested in the other people that live here. I live among many kinds of people. There are both English and French here, but also, many immigrants. We must open ourselves to know who they are. We also have an interest in Europe and what they are doing.

"My country has changed since I was a child. Back then, it was white French-speaking people. Now in my neighborhood it is 50/50. Before, Montreal was the mixed community but now, it is my neighborhood also. I think it is more interesting now. I have curiosity about these new people. They are very warm.

~ Simon

PS Simon is the owner and chief baker at La Femme et Le Boulanger in Otterburn Park, Quebec, Canada, a suburb of Montreal. My wife and I were visiting friends in Quebec and stopped in for fresh baked pastries. They were great. Stop in and visit with Simon if you happen to be in the Montreal area.

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