Thursday, September 21, 2017

Humans of Downey - Connie


"I'm the same as everyone else because humans are all one. It doesn't matter what race, religion, sexuality, we're all just humans. I'm the same as everyone here tonight because I love being with people, watching what people are doing, how they are reacting and interacting with others, just like the police officers that are standing watch over there. I'm the same as everybody else because I love being part of this community. As a parent, I'm the same as everybody else in that I want the best for my children.

"I'm different from everybody else because being a widow, I have to be both to my children, both mother and father. I understand that life isn't easy. And even though my children are now adults, I still see them as my children. When they were growing up I think I pushed them a little harder than most parents, because I was a single mom. Knowing that life is rough, I tried to prepare my children for that reality. That makes me different than others. Having raised my children as a single mom, my outlook on life changed over the years. I had to become independent and not depend on another like when there are two parents. I think I became stronger as an individual though."

~ Connie

PS I interviewed Connie at Downey's International Food and Music Festival.

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