Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Celebrating Independence Day

4 and under bouncer

This year's July 4th block party had four different bouncers for the kids to celebrate Independence Day. There was this one for the 4-and-under children that is a water slide with a pool at the bottom. Two other slides for the 12-and-younger crowd and a giant water slide for anyone that wanted to try it.


Lots of food and beverages were served during the afternoon. After dark, the celebration turned to fireworks. Families gathered together to let the children experience holding a various-colored lighted stick.


The big kids (adult men) light bigger, brighter, and more exciting fountains. One family went to a fireworks stand and bought the rest of their inventory (well over $1,000). That's the residue of the excitement on the street below the fireworks platform. The crowd was entertained and the celebration was complete.


  1. Where was the party at?! I didn’t hear anything about it & would have loved to attend ):

    1. It was on the Block where I live. All the neighbourhood men get together and plan it each year


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