Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good morning Downey!


The best photographers get up before dawn to climb to the mountain top and wait in the cold for the light of day to appear with the magical mist so they can get the perfect picture. I, on the other hand, went to Porto's at 7 this morning (almost the crack of dawn). And, once again, the line was to the door. It took us an hour of waiting in line to order our breakfast, but that just gave us more time to read the menu and figure out what we wanted to eat.


No, I did not one eat the beauties above, I had an egg and chorizo breakfast sandwich (on Cuban bread, of course)...but I did take a tiramisu to go!

It has been exciting to see Porto's open up and be so successful! Porto's, along with Tropicana, gives us two great options for a Cuban food fix!

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  1. All those desserts look delicious. Thank you for visiting Mindless Mumbai, and the kind comment.
    - Mindless Mumbai


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