Sunday, May 8, 2011

Faces from the faire #1

Downey Street Fair Warren choir

Yesterday, I spent the morning at the 18th Annual Downey Street Faire, an annual event that attracts more than 200 vendors and closes down Brookshire Avenue for the day.

According to the Downey Patriot, live entertainment was provided by OnStage Dance Center, the All About Me band, New King James Group of Calvary Chapel, Roadhouse Ron, Route 66 band, Kuuipo O'Hula and the Jazz Ensemble Choir from Warren High School (one of the members shown above). These kids were really good—I was sorry I had only a limited time to enjoy the music.

I didn't know until I looked the event up on the Downey website that it was a faire as opposed to a fair. I'm not really sure it had the Renaissance feeling of a faire. I'll let you be the judge when I post more "faces of the faire" later this week.

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  1. I really enjoy the Downey Daily; I know more about Downey now than I did in the 30 years we lived there. It's fun to see how things stay the same and still are different.


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