Saturday, May 21, 2011

Railroad tracks at the Rio San Gabriel


Today was absolutely beautiful. We decided it was a great day for a bike ride so we headed to the Rio San Gabriel Park and riverbed. After a quick stop in the dog park, we were on the bike path speeding along the relatively full river bed. The scenery is pretty varied, some parts of the river are full of water and other parts are full of grass and other growing things.

IMG_2802During a short break, I climbed up to see this railroad crossing. There is something about railroad tracks that draws me in. The trestle made of timber and iron looked old and solid, standing high above the river below. Sure enough, looking underneath the trestle, there was a date stamped in the cement of the support - 1946.


The view of the train track from below along the bike path was appealing too. I liked the repeating pattern of the base supports.

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