Thursday, July 14, 2011

Going inside LACOE

This is the Los Angeles County Board of Education Board room. In 1852, the state legislature enacted laws that stated that each county would have its own Board of Education and that the County Assessor would be the de facto Superintendent. Since then however, the law has changed to allow each county to choose their superintendent. In LA County, the Superintendent is chosen by the County board of Supervisors. Once a week, the LA County Board of Education meets here to carry on their business of managing the education of over a million K through 12th grade students - a daunting task.

On other days, this room and several others within the building are used by LACOE staff and others as training rooms. Anywhere from training business staff in the new retirement reporting laws to presenting the latest research in child development/learning; from training teachers and paraeducators in the use of video conferencing to providing a central place for several charter schools to come together and have an award ceremony, LACOE uses its building facilities to enhance the education provided by the 84 school districts and over 100 charter schools in LA County.

(Guest Blogger Steven Mansell)

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