Friday, September 2, 2011

What's coming?

Construction fence Gallatin Medical

Temporary fences always pique my curiosity. They usually mean change—something getting torn down, something new being built. But what? Most of the time, there's no sign—literally or otherwise—of what's coming.

That's especially true of the old Gallatin Medical Group site, where a fence surrounding the entire site appeared a couple of weeks ago. One rumor says that the fence is there simply to keep mischief-makers out of the abandoned buildings. (See I wonder who won this dispute? for more information about why these buildings are abandoned in the first place.) Another rumor (from the new Downey Beat website) is that the owner, Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital, is going to demolish the current buildings and replace them with new medical offices.

But you won't know that from looking at the fence. 

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