Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unexpected pleasantry

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So one day, I'm driving around Downey, and I see this cat in the middle of the road. Well, obviously I don't want to hit it so I swerve and turn into this small dead end street. It is too narrow to turn around immediately so I drive past a few houses to the end. A bird swoops right in front of my car and scares me into jolting to a halt. Looking up at the bird I see him and his friends enjoying a sunny January morning in an olive tree just outside a house at the end of the road. The front of the house in shaded behind trees and its own awning so it's hard for me to notice the spectacular front door.

I have to be honest. I felt a little creepy taking out my camera and aiming it at someone's front door. I took pictures of the tree first, quickly snapped a few shots of the threshold then jumped in my car and got out of there.

I think I've inherited Joan's obsession for old and interesting doors.

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