Friday, February 17, 2012

The bus stop

Bus stop

In southern California, everything is spread out so much that most people depend on cars to get around. But for those, such as my daughter, who can't or choose not to drive, the Metro buses provide an alternative.

This is the 115 bus, which runs east and west on Firestone Blvd. through the center of Downey. It starts at the Norwalk Green Line Station just to the east of Downey and continues west all the way to the beach in Playa Del Rey.

For my daughter, it simply means a convenient way to shop at Target or Stonewood Shopping Center.
“Never run after a bus or a man. There will always be another one.”

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  1. Since moving up to northern California, I've been wondering why southern Cali can't employ something like the Bart system of transport. It travels over 40 miles from San Francisco to where I live and work (Livermore and Dublin); it actually goes even further toward Stockton, but I'm not exactly sure just how far. We should get something like that in so Cal


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