Tuesday, February 21, 2012

La Barca


La Barca is open! The grand opening was actually last week, but we were finally able to stop in for dinner. It  is a charming authentic Mexican restaurant. It is the second location for the owner Guillermo Padilla, whose father opened La Barca in Los Angeles 35 years ago just up the street from USC. It has a rustic appeal, with bright colors and unique lily chandeliers at the entrance.

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There was live entertainment in the main room, although I'm not sure that will continue to be a nightly offering. The food was yummy!  It was fun to finally be able to enjoy this new family-owned eatery. It is a nice addition to Downey.



  1. There was another La Barca on Firestone close to the Embassy Suites. Are they related?

    1. No, no relationship, apparently just a coincidence of naming.


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