Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Los Pollos #3


Melvin Madrazo had a great job. He co-owned a business that manufactured and distributed patches for the jerseys of every major league baseball, NASCAR, National Football League, and National Basketball Association team.

DSC_0006But Melvin hungered for more. He wanted to own and run family style restaurants. So his business partner bought him out and Melvin started a restaurant in the city of Bell called Los Pollos.

Business boomed and Melvin added a second and third Los Pollos in Los Angeles and Downey, the latter being where I sit now, eating my chicken tamales, frijoles, and arros, and enjoying dinner with the nephew of the owner. He tells me the history of the place and other restaurants Melvin has created, including The Tropicana, sitting adjacent to Los Pollos on the other side of Paramount.

As many times as I’ve eaten this food, somehow knowing the history of the people behind its creation makes it that much more delicious.

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