Thursday, April 26, 2012

A touch of class


Anthony seems to know everything. It's a Thursday night and I'd like a glass of wine.
What am I in the mood for? A white. Maybe a Chardonnay.
Have I tried the Fransiscan? Yes I have. It's delicious.
Okay, Here's the perfect one for you.... Ahhh. It is perfect.

Anthony goes back to his other customers at the other side to see how they are doing. I sip my wine and talk to someone who came with me.

Anthony comes back talking about a bottle of a new Belgian beer that he wants us to try. He gets excited explaining how it's made and how the new taste brings it alive.

"If beer was music, this one is techno!" he exclaims.

"As soon as it comes in, we'll all drink one," we say.

The atmosphere is always great at Mari's Wine Bar. It has a certain class without being pretentious. It is dark without being dingy. It is quiet without being absent.

Come in, sit, drink, watch old reruns of "The Little Rascals".... Be merry....


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