Monday, May 28, 2012

More than self

Jim Higuera, American Legion Post 270

A couple of years ago, I saw an article about a Memorial Day tribute at the Downey Cemetery. I thought, aha! a good photo op for Downey Daily Photos.

Cross and flagTwo years later, the annual Memorial Day Tribute has become a regular and meaningful part of my Memorial Day traditions.

Music is just one part of the Tribute ceremony. From the moving words of "America the Beautiful" (above, Jim Higuera, Commander of the American Legion Post 270, is mouthing the words along with singer Sheila Jacobs) to the haunting melody of "Taps," the music reminds us of those who have given their lives to protect our freedoms.

    O beautiful for heroes proved
    In liberating strife.
    Who more than self their country loved
    And mercy more than life!

More tomorrow...

Click here for pictures from previous years.

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