Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Historic Los Angeles

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One of the nice things about living in Downey is its proximity to so many other great places. One of my favorite adventures is exploring LA. Last week we took a morning to visit St. Vincent's Court, located in LA's jewelry district. (A friend had shared an article about St. Vincent's and we were curious.)

IMG_1689 as Smart Object-1Originally the site of the first college in Los Angeles in 1867, by 1907 it was the first Bullocks Department Store location. Over the years, this unique alleyway off of 7th Street has seen many changes. Until recently, sidewalk tables lined the street in front of cafes.

Arriving in the morning, there was not much going on yet. But, we were thrilled to spot a charming French cafe open. The man behind the counter boasted that he made the best cappuccino in town! I was almost convinced until we asked him what kinds of fresh French pastries he had. At this point, he held up a bag of Kirkland bagels. They are good, but definitely not French! C'est la vie!

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