Thursday, April 18, 2013

Out with the old, in with the new


The great thing about taking daily photos of Downey, besides the fact that we live here, is that Downey is always changing. This construction site is just down the street from Alameda Elementary School. Some old structure is torn down so a newer more useful structure can go up.

I talked to the owners who said the original house was just under 700 square feet, but the new house will be over 2200 square feet. They won't lose any front or back yard space since the added space is accomplished by filling in the area between the house and garage plus a second story.


You can see the stairs going up to the second floor here. And there is always the inevitable scrap pile.

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  1. It always impresses me to see a new structure go up. I could never envision how to put this board with that and have it end up in a house!


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