Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Pinnacles

Pinnacles 1

Just 83 miles east of Downey in the San Gorgonio mountains lies a local landmark called "The Pinnacles." They are just off Hwy 173 near Lake Arrowhead. Adam, John, and I recently decided to go there for the day. We drove to the head of the foot path and parked in the adjacent shooting range parking lot. They were not very friendly so we parked just off the road.

Pinnacles 2We then hiked for about 90 minutes to a large collection of boulders called "The Pinnacles" and were rewarded for our efforts with a spectacular view of the desert just northeast of Los Angeles. Here lie the towns of Barstow, Apple Valley, Hesparia, and Victorville.

It's just another reminder of the vast array of environments that surround Downey.

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