Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Morning neighborhood walk

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This morning I went out to walk the dog and look for pictures for Downey Daily. I didn't find any really interesting pictures, just the normal sights on a typical Tuesday. But, typical sights can be fun and familiar.

IMG_9475 as Smart Object-1As I watched the postal worker, I wondered how much longer will there be home delivery of mail from a person who walks through our neighborhood every day?

Then,  thanks to a gardener at work, I had a sneak peak into a beautiful back yard I have never been able to see before. Finally, I rounded a corner and noticed these beautiful pomegranates growing on a tree in someone's front yard.

This mornings walk was a reminder that we live in a beautiful neighborhood and sometimes it good to remember that and just appreciate the normal sights that are all around us every day.

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