Sunday, January 4, 2015

On display

2015 Rose Parade Float

    As usual, Downey's Rose Parade float is on display at the Embassy Suites parking lot.

    2015 Rose Parade Float volunteer GordonGordon has been a volunteer helping with the floats since 2003. He is an enthusiastic and well-informed volunteer, and I learned a lot today.
    • Downey has had an entry in the parade every year since 1952.
    • Downey’s entry has the distinction of being one of only six floats which come under the parade classification of self-built. This classification means that the float
      is completely financed, constructed, and decorated by volunteer contributions and help.
    • The Downey float travels the furthest to get to Pasadena, and usually arrives last on New Year's Eve. It takes about 6 hours to travel the 18 miles.
    • The team of volunteers that accompanies the float has a lot of fun, hanging out on arrival with the five other volunteer teams, enjoying the camaraderie and fire pits. (This is in contrast to the paid workers who head home as soon as their job is done.)
    • Knott's Berry Farm donated the horse and sleigh. The sleigh was donated several years ago, and the horse was donated this year when Knott's underwent some refurbishment.
    Gordon's favorite story about this year's float took place at the judging. One of judges had tears in her eyes as she looked at the three uniformed servicemen who rode on this year's float. When asked about this, she replied that the servicemen reminded her of her own army son, who she wished could be "home for the holidays" (the theme for this year's float).

    More tomorrow...

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