Friday, January 9, 2015

We're five!


In all the hustle and bustle surrounding Christmas, an anniversary slipped by recently without me even remembering to mention it. On December 28, 2014, Downey Daily Photos turned 5 years old.

During that time, we've published 1,822 posts and even more pictures of Downey. We've missed only two days, just a few months ago, when Joan's grandson was born an unexpected six weeks early.

We've added Steve to our group, who is standing in for his daughter Allison while she focuses on school.

We've repeated ourselves more than a few times. Sometimes all three of us post on similar themes, which just means that all three of us happen to be paying attention to our Downey surroundings. And sometimes we post about the same recurring events, such as the recent Rose Parade float.

Because of Downey Daily Photos, we've gotten to know our town much, much better. And we've met lots of new people and made many new friends who have enriched our lives.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. We hope to see you around for another five years!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I so enjoy your daily glimpses into our community.

    And ... when is the party? There are those who would probably love to celebrate with you!

    1. Thanks, Frank! I hadn't even thought about a party -- we'll give it some thought. :-)


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