Sunday, November 29, 2015

Humans of Downey - Andy and Betty (1/2)

Andy Wolfe Woodworker

"Actually, how this started, he was sitting in the house reading and I thought too much, and I said, 'You have to move.' So I said, 'You know what, can you make a little Woody out of some more of…' This one here, this guy here, he came off the woodpile."

"Well, actually, I made this one before I made the other one. And I didn’t like this one, so I made another one. And I’ve redone this one a little bit to make him configure more to a small child rather than a man."

"So anyhow, I asked him if he would make a little Woody. And then he goes right out into the garage and pretty soon I see him chopping away at the wood and this is what has come out."

"Well, first I had to figure out what I was going to do. [Much laughter.] How I was going to make all his joints and which way they’re gonna move and..."

"He does everything exactly right. This is one of his drawings of the hand and so forth."

"Yeah, well, that and that… [flips through many pages of detailed sketches] and that…To begin with, you know, I just set out the dimensions and everything. So how I’m going to make the arms and the hands and the feet and the legs and all of that. I use the dimensions of generally my size and I scale it down or up according to what kind of person I want to make. You know, the relationship between the size of the head and the arms and the waist to the chin, and to the length of the legs and all that. I’ll keep everything in proportion. Try to, anyway."

"That, that’s what’s really hard!"

Andy Wolfe Woodworker

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