Thursday, February 11, 2016

Humans of Downey - Maria


"One time my husband planned this special Valentine date that I never expected. He asked me to get dressed up and we went to this French restaurant in Fullerton called The Basement. The only problem was that I don't eat much at each meal, so he was kind of disappointed that I didn't eat more. But we did take home the leftovers.

"I was raised by my grandmother and she worked at the Red Cross in Costa Rica. It was in this big building, which was mostly empty. I spent all my time there after school. I would roller skate in the meeting rooms with tile floors. It was great. I always wanted to be hospitalized. I saw whenever there was an emergency coming in and I wanted that excitement. I never had a broken arm or any thing serious.

"One day I told my grandmother that I was going to roller skate in a certain meeting room. And I swiped some casting material. I went upstairs to an empty bathroom and I made a little cast and put it on my little finger. I knew how to do this because when emergencies would come in they would put me up on top an armoire and I would look down and watch them. I became an LVN because of those experiences. So, I was going to tell them at school the next day that I had broken my finger roller skating.

"I went and roller skated some to let the plaster dry before going back to my grandmother. She saw that I kept hiding my hand behind my back. So, she came after me and found out what I had done and took it off. I was very disappointed. I didn't have anything to show off at school the next day."
~ Maria

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