Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Humans of Downey - Scott


"When you say the word of hero, I think of my dad. I look up to him. He's a very simple person but his family means a lot to him. I've seen that in my life whenever I've gone astray, like I'm in a bad place of my life, he's always been there and I've always looked up to that. Growing up, I've seen my friends' family lives were always broken, their parents' marriages were broken. My parents are still together. At a young age I knew that I wanted a life like that. I wanted to provide that for my son. I saw how hard it was for my friends. They always envied me, they'd say, 'Your life is so great.'

"Even though it looked great from the outside, it wasn't all perfect, we had our problems, but I wouldn't trade my family for the world. Although it sounds like a cliché, when I think of a hero, I think of my dad. He's always provided for us. No matter what stupid mistakes I made growing up, he would never yell at me but would talk. We would sit down and discuss it. He would just be there, whatever I would need.

"I would say that one character trait of my dad's that I've taken and made a part of my life is his work ethic. He never misses a day and when he goes to work, he works hard. My dad earned a BS in biology but he became a mail carrier for the post office. It took that work ethic to earn the degree and then you add that to his devotion to his family to get a good job and stick with it through the years. I want to be that kind of hero."
~ Scott

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