Thursday, March 17, 2016

Humans of Downey - Jean (1 of 2)


"My cat Sasha had not been well so we had taken her to the vet. From her, Sasha's, point of view, life was not bad. I do promise family members, pets are family members, that I will do my best to not let them suffer. So life from her point of view was okay.

"I had a trip planned and I debated about this and I decided I would go. I found a very good cat sitter that would come 30 minutes in the morning then 30 minutes at night. She would give Sasha her vitamin B1 shot. So, I went on the trip and I had a great time.

"The sitter gave me, she freed me to have that experience. I also thought of my cat and what was going to happen in the not to distance future. When I got home I took one look at her and we spent the night full of pets. The next morning I did the very kind thing. The vet was very supportive. I took her in on my birthday."
~ Jean

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