Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Humans of Downey - Youhana


"The US immigration service picks about 15 countries that do have a significant population here and chooses by lottery some 1000 people from each country to immigrate to the US. Seven years ago my wife won a lottery visa to come to the US, so I brought my whole family here.

"In Egypt I had a Masters degree and worked as an accountant in the Ministry of Finance. When I came here I started from zero, scratch. I completed my Masters degree last Christmas and now I am looking for a new job. I wanted to immigrate here after high school and study physics, I love physics, but I couldn't come. So, perhaps my kids will do it. We will be citizens in a few months.

"For a long time, about 15 years, I haven't received presents for my birthday. Then last year my children, they are 10 and 11, surprised me with some ties and a pair of shoes. It made me very happy because they were thinking of me and they worked with their mother to plan the whole surprise."
~ Youhana

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