Thursday, April 14, 2016

Humans of Downey - Cay


"I'm sure there are some I'm not remembering right now, but the one person that comes to mind when the term hero is mentioned is my mother, Angeles. Just like a lot of mothers out there, she sacrificed a lot for her children. She did the best she could to make sure we had everything we needed at the cost of working too many hours. Sometimes we wouldn't even see her, but we knew she was there. We knew she was working for us, we knew she was working hard for us. She was a very special woman. I'm very proud of my mother. I thank her for helping me to become the man I am now.

"Honesty, integrity, a positive work ethic, and generosity were all character traits that my mom both modeled to us and verbally taught us. She was also an example for other people. Even though she worked long hours, she never complained. She finally lost her 12-year battle with cancer several years ago. During those years she never complained about how unfair it was or say, 'Why me, why me?' Every day, she took the challenge, lived life to the fullest, and made the best of what she was given. Her will and her beliefs stayed strong until the very end."
~ Cay

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