Thursday, July 14, 2016

Out with the crowd


As Downey residents gather each Wednesday at Furman Park to listen to that week's featured musical group, they find that they are surrounded by neighbors and friends. Two of those neighbors that joined the crowd this past Wednesday were Downey Councilman Fernando Vasquez and his wife, Donna.

He was enjoying the concert when I came forward to ask him some questions. He knew me right away as being a part of Downey Daily Photos, which is very special since we have only met once at a previous public event. I am sure he meets hundreds of different people in his civic responsibilities and yet he remembered me. It's probably not that special, he seems to be one of those people that remembers others. But it made me feel special. You can read a fuller bio of Councilman Vasquez here.

Do you know your representative in Downey government? Mine is Sean Ashton.

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