Thursday, September 22, 2016

Humans of Downey - Tim and Vanessa


"One of my earliest memories I have is in the early 80s my grandparents had season tickets so we used to go frequently to see the Dodgers. I remember having Dodger dogs and being part of the 'True Blue Club,' that's the kid's Dodger fan club. When we'd go to the Dodger games I got to see my heroes: the pitchers and batters, Hershiser, Fernando, Ron Cey. Those are some of the early memories I have.

"My grandmother used to bring a brass cowbell to the games. Our seats were on the top deck and she would ring it during the game. This was before they banned noise makers. She had been a Dodger fan for a long time so whenever something good was happening she would ring that bell. Also, eating Dodger dogs and putting the peanut shells underneath the seats. In 1988, I got to see the Dodgers win the World Series. I saw Kirk Gibson's fist pumps. I saw the parade and the whole city come together. Those were great memories. Let's hope they do it again this year."
~ Tim

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