Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Humans of Downey - Judy

Judy Rose Float 2016

"On one of our floats that had a Hawaiian theme, we used pineapple bark. The pineapples had to be cored out because we only used the outer ridge of the pineapple for the trees. Well, our mayor at the time was Meredith Perkins and he got the job of coring all those pineapples. And we won't let him forget either. That was a nasty job. Of course, every one else enjoyed the fruits of his labor by eating the pineapple he had removed. Eventually, we did get him a gadget that he stuck into the center of the pineapple, twisted and the fruit came out. So, it got easier after we got him that tool.

"Mike's and my next great adventure is to stay at home. We just got back from a three-month trek across America. We went about 9,000 miles. We've done this four times, visited every state except North Dakota. As we go we visit whatever attraction is in that area. Of course, we've visited a lot of friends and relatives. We even visited people we didn't know were related but found out about them during the trip. We've done a lot and we've seen a lot.

"So, now it's time to rest. One way I rest is to knit hats for Rancho Los Amigos Hospital. Also, this year I donated to 'People to People' in Ohio because my cousin gave me some yarn that her mother had when she passed away. I was able to make two bags full of hats. Now, I'm making hats to sell here. The proceeds go to the Rose Float Association. I'm always looking for yarn if anyone wants to donate some. These are warm hats. This one is a ponytail hat. It has a hole in the back."
~ Judy

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