Friday, February 24, 2017

Humans of Downey - Alex


"A hero in my life would be my dad. He's always guiding me in the right direction by the lessons he gives me. Also, he's a great role model and gives me inspiration. One saying he has told me is that to find a good wife, you need to look at her family life. It doesn't matter how she looks or any other surface characteristic, but look at her family values. He's always helping me by giving me advice, whether it's about finding a wife or getting a good job, he's always looking out for me.

"My dad really motivates me by his actions. My dad came here from Iran as an immigrant when he was 25 years old. His first job was washing car windows at a gas station. He had mechanics training from when he was in the Iranian army. So, he worked his way up in the auto repair business until he finally opened his own auto repair shop. Later, he went into the real estate business buying houses, remodeling and reselling them. This work ethic has inspired me to work hard if I want to succeed in my business."

~ Alex

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