Monday, February 26, 2018

Peas sink

Ducks at Wilderness Park

This week's theme is water. There is a lot of water at Wilderness Park, with two separate lakes. And where there is water, there are a lot of ducks and other birds that are beyond my ability to identify without a lot of googling.

I wrote last year about The care and feeding of birds, and how bread is like junk food to them. So when I knew I'd be at the park with a couple of small boys, I came prepared with one of the recommended food items—a bag of frozen peas.

Well, it seemed like a good idea. But there were several problems. First, peas sink. If you throw them into the water to the ducks, most of them sink out of sight before the ducks reach them. And if you scatter the peas on the sidewalk, the ducks won't get out of the water to get them.

But those other nameless birds will. So, we fed the birds—not the ducks—at the park. They ate the whole bag.

Except for the peas at the bottom of the lake.

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