Tuesday, January 5, 2010

El Taco, nobody can eat just once!

f/9.5, 1/250, 100 iso, 46mm, handheld

For as long as I can remember, El Taco has been there offering my favorites...chile verde, chile relleno burtito, ooh and the breakfast burritos. My fav is egg, cheese, potatoes, and salsa. I also love the chicken flautas, but you have to order the guacamole on the side so the flautas don't get soggy. If you think I'm obsessed with fresh, yummy Mexican food, you could be right. But it's not just me. I have friends who live in Colorado. When they come to town, they visit El Taco before they visit me. Once you're an El Taco fan, you are forever an El Taco fan... no matter where you go. As you can see from the I Love El Taco Downey Facebook fan page.

Trust me, it's an obsession.

1 comment:

  1. Oh yeah, El Taco is the bomb!
    I sure wish there some here in Colorado -- as you probably already guessed... =)


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