Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rancho ghost town

f/16, 1/500, ISO 1600, 48 mm, handheld, 4:00pm

After going to Rancho proper, we headed for the old Rancho—south of Imperial. It was a ghost town. Originally 500 acres in 1888, it has dwindled. Most of the 200 remaining acres are covered with buildings that are simply wasting away. The tree-lined streets are full of multiple dorm-style housing, engineering shops, a bakery, a church, a water tower, you name it, all crumbling before our eyes. It appears to have been a self-sustaining community and you have to wonder what happened. We were intrigued. It seems such a mystery and a waste of such beautiful property.

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  1. For an interesting article on the feral cats in this area, dated Mar. 24, 2008, see


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