Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What the dog saw


Pam, Joan, and I have realized having a daily blog gives us a much shorter time for creating and editing. The challenge we’ve created is that interesting shots are ordinary pieces of life. No staging is involved. Sunrises are not always gorgeous. People do not always welcome cameras in their faces. Buildings can be built and torn down without our noticing until they are gone. As passé as it sounds, "constant vigilance begets the “aha!” moments," as Joan stated.

This puppy is one of these aha! moments. Joan saw him this morning popping out of the hole he had eaten in the gate. The alley probably isn’t the most intriguing of visual fixations, but for ten minutes we gave him something else to look at besides the orange and eucalyptus trees. We hear dogs barking up and down the alleys of Downey but this one came to greet us and stick his nose out to sniff out our cameras.

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