Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dining with her "best friend" Sammy


While we were eating outside at Granata's, Toni arrived with Sammy. Toni was obviously a "regular." I was surprised, but pleased that dogs were allowed to join their families when dining on the patio.

Sammy was so well behaved, I was impressed. (I kept thinking, nobody would want me to bring my dog here.) As we chatted, Toni talked about having a goat in her back yard. Somehow in one of my recent walks, I had not only passed her yard, but I had taken a picture of her about 6 degrees of separation.


Toni is my first in my 100 strangers project. To see pictures from Pam's and Ally's 100 strangers click here.


  1. That's just funny - small world! The 100 Strangers project is fun, but I haven't been out shooting people lately, I'm still on #8.

  2. That's one hell of a coincidence. That doggie looks so huggable.

  3. what a neat story. Maybe if i am very brave, I'll photograph 100 strangers in Beirut.


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